James "Jim" Crowley for Lieutenant Governor


James "Jim" Crowley  for Lieutenant Governor


                       Veteran - LA National Guard and US Navy

Past member AFL-CIO and Teamsters

Graduate - LSU System

Former Caddo Police Juror (presently Caddo Commission), Teacher, Louisiana State Employee, Real Estate Broker, Notary Public, Retail Coins, Collectibles and locally grown produce

Dedicated to the people of Louisiana! Hello again! I wanted to inform you that I am running for Lieutenant Governor.  My family roots (Grigsby and Hill) are the Delta regions of Louisiana.  I was raised in Shreveport and have taught in and attended schools throughout NW Louisiana. I am a past resident of both Baton Rouge and New Orleans. A relative of mine, Patrick Crowley, was the railroad official that oversaw the construction of the railroad in SW Louisiana. The town of Crowley bears his name. This railroad helped give SW Louisiana its economic lifeblood.

In the early 1980's, I ran for Louisiana Commissioner of Elections. I advocated merging that office with the Secretary of State. Some twenty years later, you the people of Louisiana did it. While I campaigned amongst you, I was shown nothing but respect, friendship and courtesy.  Iíll never forget your kindness. You will always have access to me and a special place in my heart. I have had executive governmental experience. As co-chairman of Planning and Development, we brought General Motors and its secondary companies into our Industrial Park, just one example, employing over 5,000 at high pay. 

As co-chairman of all committees, I handled all matters of local government.  As I walked 350 miles through Acadiana, Central and North Louisiana a few years ago, in the race for Secretary of State, more people talked to me about insurance issues than about issues of the Secretary of State's office.  I have not forgotten them or their concerns.  I heard their disgust, pain, and feelings of helplessness.  I have seen New Orleans, where I once lived, and the devastation throughout the city and other areas of the state. 

You gave me about 40% of the states vote or approximately 500,000 votes in the race for Insurance Commissioner.  Thank you and I have not forgotten you!I am qualified because I am smart, I work hard, and I care about the people of Louisiana. Also, I am a prior local elected official, and I understand that all politics are local. 

I would also like to see offices of the Lieutenant Governor have a presence in Orleans, Jefferson, or St. Tammany, Lafayette or Lake Charles, Monroe, and Shreveport.In years past, we passed out tens of thousands of leaflets asking the people of Louisiana to donate any campaign funds for me to Hurricane Relief through their favorite charity.  I hope the people affected by the storms benefited. Once again, I am asking you to donate towards those in need affected by the oil spill.  I would like to see the income tax for those households making less than $250,000 abolished.  I would like to see BP and/or any guilty parties pay for their damage. 

As a real estate broker and former teacher, I would like to address the issues of education and economic development (jobs, jobs, jobs).  Surely, we can do better. My appointees will be from the ranks of all political parties and Independents. I do believe it is my destiny to hold this office for the benefit of the people of Louisiana.  I will be announcing a plan shortly.


Jim Crowley

(318) 617-4389

Paid for by the Jim Crowley for Lieutenant Governor 2010





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